Hubbardton Forge Corona Pendant

The Art of the Forge

Hubbardton Forge use traditional Blacksmith techniques and modern techniques to create high quality lighting pieces with stunning design elements. Their base of operations is one of the oldest and largest commercial forges in the USA, so each fitting is handcrafted by a team of artisans, which is unique in an age of mass-produced, machine-made products.

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Zephyr by Hubbardton Forge

139833 - Pendant

An organic, elegant shape flows through the design of the Zephyr. The heat-textured steel morphs into the light guide – or does the light guide turn into steel? The ribbon-like LED light guide beautifully illuminates the fine details.

139833 - Zephyr Pendant

LED 15W Total - 966 lumens

Length: 978mm

Width: 267mm

Height: 236mm

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139833 - Pendant over table

Corona by Hubbardton Forge

Light reflects off the gentle hand-forged swooping iron elements on the Corona range to create a warm glow. Much of the light is hidden or diffused by a glass that adds to the impression of warmth. You can still see the hand-crafted details on each curved arm to accentuate the balcksmith made charm.

If a statement piece for an entrance is what you need the Corona Pendants and Semi-flush fitting add drama to a entrance or high void area, these pieces also add a warm indirect light to dining room and living spaces. The wall lights make a great addition to lounge spaces with their indirect light, or hallways to add a bit of style. There is a full range of fittings within the Corona collection for every area of your home.

128712 - Semi Flush 136501 - Pendant 206501 - Wall Light 136500 - Small Pendant

128712 - Semi Flush

4 x G9 40W

Diameter: 500mm

Height: 250mm

136501 - Pendant

6 x G9 40W

Diameter: 680mm

Height: 533mm

206501 - Wall Light

1 x G9 60W

Width: 158mm

Height: 246mm

136500 - Small Pendant

4 x G9 40W

Diameter: 495mm

Height: 149mm

186500 - Mini Pendant 136505 - Large Pendant 136510 - Triple Pendant

186500 - Mini Pendant

1 x G9 60W

110mm x 157mm

Height: 272mm

136505 - Large Pendant

6 x G9 60W

Diameter: 890mm

Height: 740mm

136510 - Triple Pendant

12 x G9 40W

3 x 136500 Pendants on

single base plate

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Cityscape by Hubbardton Forge

With a choice of Soft Gold or Vintage Platinum accents, this pendant offers an amazing "city view" no matter where you live. Our handcrafted Cityscape seems to be floating in mid-air. The visual concept is meant to evoke the image of skyscraper silhouettes situated on the waterfront (an LED platform) and reflected off the water below. A wash of beautiful up-and-down light graces this elegant fixture.

139726 - Large Pendant 139725 - Small Pendant

139726 - Large Pendant

LED 57W Total - 2415 lumens

Length: 1318mm

Width: 134mm

Height: 394mm

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136501 - Pendant

LED 28W Total - 1200 lumens

Length: 648mm

Width: 134mm

Height: 394mm

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