Lighting Design

With many years of experience and a passion for lighting and innovation, The Lighting Centre is at the forefront of Auckland's lighting industry.

Our Design Philosophy

The Lighting Centre utilises 4 guiding principles. These principles are employed during the entire design process with extensive customer consultation to produce a Lighting Design that is yours, for your home.

Layered lighting

Layered lighting is an approach that involves defined layers used to address functionality. Understanding of room function and layout is vital to a successful result. Interaction between layers can be used to dramatically alter the atmosphere, allowing rooms to produce different ambience when desired.

Product Diversity

Best results are obtained using a combination of products, including proven and emerging technologies. We access products from a wide range of local and international suppliers.

Tailor plans to your needs

One size certainly does not fit all when it comes to lighting. At The Lighting Centre our in-depth consultation process combined with ongoing communication, will ensure we deliver a plan that’s just right for you, your personality and your home.


When it comes to building or Renovating, surprises are guaranteed. We understand that plans may change, and our lighting designs can easily be adjusted to suit.