lighting makeover - as seen on tv!

October 27, 2011Posted by Benjamin

How it turned out

This Thursday the Wattyl Interior Design Show aired on the Living Channel. Interior Designer Hamish Dodd along with Alex Breingan from the Radio Live Design and Build Show gave one lucky (and very deserving) family a makeover of their living room, and I must say it certainly was in dire need of extra TLC.

Here are helpful hints on the design process that led to picking the lights we used for the show.

Design Show - Before

The Room

We started with a fairly dilapidated living room with old and tired lighting, there was nothing to be salvaged. The budget wasn't high so we had to work to maximise every dollar and provide energy efficiency for the Katu family.

We were re-using existing electrical connections so the fitting had to be really bright to light the whole room, 3 x 20W Fluorescent lamps is heaps of light for this space, and also very energy efficient. When using energy saver lamps fittings that hide the lamps can be very important, fittings that are enclosed like this also provide a nice soft diffuse light, great for relaxing rooms like the living room.

For the ceiling light we used our Ripple pendant, this pendant features a styled ripple effect to the glass, the brushed chrome metal work and opal white glass give a modern and timeless look that won’t date. Most importantly the glass completely surrounds the lamps inside.

The lamps we used in all these fittings are GE Lighting Spiral Fluorescent lamps. These lamps are designed to be used in Edison Screw (ES) or Bayonet Cap (BC) lampholders so they can fit into most light fittings to provide you with a much longer life and lower power consumption. Typically these lamps last 6,000 hours (6x longer than a normal light bulb) and a 20W lamp with put out as much light as a 100W normal light bulb.

When looking at Fluorescent lamps its important to note you can get different colours, check the side of the box and you will find the colour is listed as warm white, cool white or daylight. We picked Warm white lamps for this room because they are designed to be the same colour as a standard light bulb, which is a much more relaxing colour, perfect for living areas.

Design Show - After

Because we had such a strong light in the centre of the room the wall light needed to compliment this by being a good background light. Our Jesse ceramic wall light blends into the surroundings and provides indirect light (you can’t see the light source). This means there is less glare to the eye, this is a great light to have on when you are relaxing, watching TV, etc. Once again we used an energy efficient lamp in the wall light, the whole room is lit using only 80W of power in total.

Check out the finished result on this video from the Living Channel.