Top Ceiling Fans for 2020

Posted by Benjamin

Wooden Bladed Ceiling Fan in Lounge Space

Top Bedroom Fans

Tempest Supreme Fan with a Light in a Bedroom Setting

Bedroom fans need to be quiet and the quietest fans have timber blades, one of our top value for money fans is the Tempest Timber bladed fan range, this is range is available with light or without light and there is a remote control option as well.

The fan pictured to the right is the Tempest Supreme, this fan includes a Colour changing LED system, the light colour can be easily changed between Warm White, Cool White and Daylight. Great for multi-use rooms, especially kids and teenagers rooms where you might want to have the option of a cooler light for studying or hobbies.

timber bladed ceiling fan with no light woooden bladed ceiling fan with light woooden bladed ceiling fan with light
Tempest Fan Tempest w/Light Tempest Supreme

Top Fans for Lounge Spaces

There is no doubt the Bahama Range is a great looking product, the sleek styling of the ABS blades and modern DC Fan Technology sets these fans apart from the rest. The Bahama Range moves air well and is very quiet, perfect for any lounge situation.

The new Bahama Smart Range includes an LED light and smart controls so you can control the fan from the supplied remote or your Android or Apple phone from anywhere in the world. This simple system integrates with your home Wifi (no Hub or extra components required). You can control the Fan, the light, the colour of the light (warm to daylight) and set up smart automation with the simple smart app.

Hercules Ceiling Fan with Metal Blades

Top Fan for Large Spaces

The Hercules Range of fans is for large spaces, we have used them in warehouses, open plan lounges and even an open stairwell in a architecturally designed home. The size of these fans ranges from 2 metres to a massive 3 metre span. These fans have DC motors for maximum energy efficeiency and you have the option of Steel fan with Aluminium Blades or a ABS Plastic fan with ABS Plastic blades, which is quieter