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Posted by Benjamin

Armstrong 10 Light Pendant

We want to highlight a few of the ranges that caught our eye from Kichler's new collections but we will always encourage you to find the perfect light for you by browsing their website -

Just a little bit Mid-Century

Kichler Organique Pendant

The Armstrong range from Kichler has great mid-century appeal with its classic 'sputnik' design.

Each arm is adjustable allowing you to have the right look for your room, dining table or
entrance foyer, even allowing you to change the look anytime you like.

This range is available in Natural Brass or Chrome and available in 10 light or 8 light versions.

Click on the image to view the options.

Classic Everly range expanded

Kichler do know what's good for them, their hand-blown glass Everly collection has always been a hit with its wild curves and soft outline, expanding this range with new glass colours and styles will help anyone looking for a stunning urban renewal/retro look for their home.

Click on the image to see all the different colour and style options.

Kichler Everly Collection

Modern Natural look

Branches Collection

Equally at home in a rustic or up-market setting the Branches collection features a mixture of Black and Chrome finishes and the perfect setting for vintage filament lamps.

Enchance your Kitchen, Dining or Foyer with this collection or nature-inspired lights.

You can click on the image to view the full Branches range on our website.

Rustic Charm with Gorgeous Glass

The mixture of Olde Bronze, Distressed Grey and Rust finishes form a solid body for the stunning thick Piastro art glass. The free flowing glass creates an effect of water ripples as the light glows through it.

The collection includes a mini pendant and a linear pendant for your Kitchen or Dining room and the 6 Light pictured below for larger rooms and foyers.

You can click on the image to view the 6 Light Pendant on our website.

Aberdeen Pendant in Kitchen

Modern style with class

Piper Range in Foyer

The entire Piper range is a head turner. Rods of metal are mingled with delicate glass rods with beads in a classy feminine design.

There are two modern, clean finishes, bright Chrome and Espresso Black that cover the whole range.

This full collection is ample - including a Large scale Foyer pendant, various medium to small pendants and a wall light. You can dress up a room, open plan area or even a whole house from this range.

Click on the image to view the options on Kichlers website.

As always if you need design or sizing help get in touch with us and we can help you out.