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Posted by Benjamin

Recessed Downlights Insitu

More and more we are getting asked for advice on upgrading existing halogen downlights to LED, you can get great energy saving and the convenience of not needing to change your lamps any more. Recently new LED module kitsets have started coming on to the market making this job easier and much more economic.

In the recent past we have been using LED replacement lamps that look the same as a halogen bulb, but halogen transformers and LED replacement lamps are often not compatible with each other, also these lamps don't last as long or output as much light as the as a dedicated LED solution.

And a dedicated solution is exactly what these upgrade kits are, they also use the latest Chip on Board (COB) technology which means, once installed, they look just like a halogen lamp.

There are two types of upgrade kit, click on the pictures to see the product in our online store. As more options come available we will update this page.

Module LED Upgrade Kitset

Downlight with Insulation

The Module LED kit includes a 10W emitter and either a dimmable or non-dimmable driver. The total load including the driver is 12W, at 800 lumens of light this works out to 67 lumens/Watt.

The LED module will fit into your existing fitting but will not change the code so insulation must be left where it is.

The output is slightly over a standard 50W Halogen, brighter than some cheaper models and slightly below some more expensive lamps.

Use these most in working areas where you need a lot of light, you can also get accessories to decrease the beam angle, for lighting benches or from higher ceilings.

A 50W lamp uses $14.54 per year at 3 hours per day (including bulb replacement), while the 12W LED lamp uses only $2.89 per year.

E-Photon LED Upgrade Kitset

Downlight with Insulation

The newest addition to our Upgrade Kitset range is the E-Photon Kit, from MasonsLED. It Includes a 10W emitter and driver combination or a high output 13W emitter and driver combination, the drivers for both are dimmable. With a total load including the driver of 10W and an output of 690 lumens of light the entry level model works out to 69 lumens/Watt.

Like the Uni-Fit the E-Photon Range is IC rated so if you put these lamps into your existing halogen fixtures you can insulate right up to the sides and over the top of the fitting, under the latest NZ standards.

The unique point to the E-Photon range is the colour of the light output, these lamps are 2700k extra warm white, which is a very pleasant way to have your home lit. Normal halogen lights are a little cooler in colour while normal incandescent lights are the same colour. Other than this the output of the 10W is very slightly less than a 50W Halogen, while the 13W is a bit more than this, should you need extra light or have an extra high ceiling.

A 50W lamp uses $14.54 per year at 3 hours per day (including bulb replacement), while the E-Photon + Driver uses 12W LED of power which works out to only $2.89 per year. Like the Uni-Fit this does not take into account the added benefit of being able to install your insulation over the fixture and how that effect your heating bill.

Note: these fittings do require 240V wiring, we do recommend an Electrician to carry this out.