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Pure New Zealand Light - Hunza

To continue our October celebration of Hunza, here is a description of lighting design options for exterior lighting and what Hunza fittings match the applications. Click on the photos of the fittings to see more colour options.

If you need more help with your garden design please get in touch, through our design service we are happy to help you make your garden lighting ideas a reality.

Up Lighting

When we talk about Up Lighting we talk about a light source being placed low in the garden, or in the ground and lighting up in to the object. Up Lighting effects are normally used on small to large trees, statues and any tall feature. There are three main forms of Up Lighting and combining these three forms across a garden tends to make the scene look more natural.

Uplighting - Front

Up Lighting - Front

The light fitting is placed to the front of the object, this shows up the detail of the object and removes shadows, probably the most common use of lighting in gardens.

Uplighting - Back

Up Lighting - Back

Sometimes called silhouetting, back lighting provides extreme contrast showing the shape of an object, and creating dramatic shadows.

Uplighting - Side

Up Lighting - Side

Placing the light to the side of the object enhances the texture of the object and creates strong shadows. When side lighting make sure the light source can't be seen to easily, this may require optional glare guards for spotlights.

Sometimes two luminaires can be used to light a larger object, in which case varying the angles of the spotlights helps to keep some shadows rather than washing the object with light.

Spike Spots are used for the bulk of Up Lighting, they are easy to move as the garden grows around them. Inground Lighting is handy when you want to hide the fixture in the lawn etc.

water reflection blue pic water reflection insitu shot

Water Reflection

At night, a pool or lake is a mirror.

Lighting an object near the edge of the water, or branches overhanging it, will create a reflection on its surface. On a still night it will be a perfect mirror image. When a soft breeze blows the reflection will dance on the ripples.

Aside from using the Up Lights above you can also use underwater pond lights mounted just under the surface of the water for this effect.

Moon Lighting Insitu 1 Moon Lighting Insitu 2

Moon Lighting

Hiding light fixtures in trees and in pergolas to light downwards is called moon lighting. A tight beam angle is used to highlight an object or seating area. Moon lighting is at its best when you don't know where the light is coming from.

Hanging lights and spotlights with Tree Mounting Kits hide themselves away perfectly into trees, while Adjustable Wall Spots are used where a wall or structure is available.

Path lighting demo pic Path lighting insitu

Path Lighting

Safety and aesthetics combine with Hunza Path Lighting. Placed 2-4 metres apart the below path lighting options will provide low level illumination so you can safely navigate path and deck areas.

Bollards light sideways as well as down so provide excellent lights for the garden. Tier lights are great for a hidden light source where you can't see the lamp, while border lights are a more modern directional variant. Recessed Path Lites with multiple light outlets (facets) can provide light in the directions you want and wash the surface of the path, which can be its own feature.

Bollard Tier Lite Border Lite Path Lite 2 Facet Path Lite 1 Facet

Wash Lighting Demo Pic Wash Lighting Insitu

Wash Lighting

Wash Lighting is using light fittings to wash across the ground or up a wall to bring out the texture of the surface you are washing.

Often combined with step lighting or path lighting. Best used with recessed lights.

Mouse Lites are surface mounted steplights that wash down a wall. Floor Lites recess into the ground and uplight along wall edges, while the path light washes sideways along the ground.

Step Lighting Demo Pic Step Lighting Insitu

Step Lighting

Its pretty easy to figure our why you need step lights, not only are stairs safer but they look great too.

Minimising glare is important with step lighting and the Hunza fittings below use eyelids and hidden lamps to achieve this.

Down Lighting Demo Pic Down Lighting Insitu

Down Lighting

Placing a light above an object brings out some really dramatic shadows. Normally a light is mounted high on the wall and shines down on to an object or washes the wall below to bring out the texture of the wall.

Wall Down Lites only light down, while Pillar Lites light up and down, both give a directional light with that nice 'V' shape.

Eave Lites are designed to be recessed into the Eave of your house.

Pillar Lite Copper Wall Light Powdercoated Eave lite Stainless Eave lite Square
Pillar Lite Wall Down Lite Eave Lite Round Eave lite Square