Hunza - pure new zealand light

Posted by Benjamin

October is here and we begin the garden lighting season at The Lighting Centre. To kick this month off with a bang we are giving you a month of Hunza! Read on to hear more about why we love using New Zealand made Hunza garden lights so much.

Exterior Scene

Hunza simply don't compromise when they make lighting this is really important when lighting gardens in harsh New Zealand environments.

A garden lighting design can incorporate all sorts of design elements when we use Hunza fixtures we have the assurance that nothing can go wrong. Do it once, do it right.

Hunza start with the highest quality materials, Copper from Australia and England, Stainless Steel from Scandinavia and component pieces from Italy. Every piece is then machined in their factory in Auckland, New Zealand, treated and then assembled by hand. When you hold a Hunza product in your hands you will appreciate the care, the precision and the pride Hunza take in engineering outdoor lights that are truly the finest in the world.

Even the Aluminium fittings stand the test of time, the treatment they receive before powdercoating helps the UV stable powdercoat adhere to the metal.  An in-house powdercoating facility means Hunza can closely monitor this. The finished product is also tested to ISO:9001 standard, to give you even more piece of mind.

Stairs with Stair Lights

Hunza have a huge range of different luminaires for wall, soffit and in-garden use. During this month we will tell you some common garden design tips and match the Hunza products to help you understand the range a lot better.

Hunza keep up with technology too, they are happy to machine fittings to order to facilite the latest advances in technology, notably LED. When you are fitting the longest lasting light fittings why compromise them with an inferior light bulb?

Check out Hunza's video below for even more on their manufacturing and quality