Hardy Island - Landscape Lighting

Posted by Benjamin

We are very pleased to bring a very exciting new range of Landscape lights from our American supplier, Hinkley Lighting this month. This very hard wearing range is designed to withstand the harshest environments and still look great!

All Hardy Island products are made from Solid Cast Brass that has been pre-weathered, you dont need to put up with waiting for aging to make you lights look great. This finish will still weather further over time. The high grade of the solid brass and the fully enclosed fittings mean that your lights will last decades, to back this up all Hardy Island products come with an incredible extended 15 year Warranty.

Spike Detail

Because they are American products all Hardy Island in-garden fixtures come with oversized spikes, which is the norm in North America. This makes them much harder to knock around which is a handy feature.

Path Light Detail

Hardy Island have a great range of Path Lights that have a covered lamp inside an enclosed glass. Instore you will find the greater selling plain versions but we also have some very unique styles available within the range. The hood is powdercoated white underneath to help the reflection of the light.

Path Lights

Path Lights are great for lighting along paths for safety and to bring up the texture in the path or lighting low level foliage to add another dimension to your lighting scheme.

In our testing we found the Hardy Island Path Lights have a 2m radius of light, so for an even coverage of lighting you should place them around 4m apart. I personally liked them 5m apart to encourage more shadows which adds a little drama.

Tree Uplight

Hardy Island Spike Spots come in 3 varieties, the MR11 is a smaller spot rated to 20W for smaller applications, the MR16 version is rated to 50W for larger trees and the LED version with similar output levels to the MR16 Model.

The picture to the right is a 4m high tree lit with the LED 8.5 watt with a 30° beam angle. The LED model will run on the same 12V circuit as the rest of your landscape lighting.

Step light

Hardy Island also have these great little surface mounted pathlights. The light itself is hidden behind the hood and the light shines down without being a source of glare to the eye, this is excellent for all sorts of Path, Stair and Deck Lighting.

The entire light is surface mounted but still only 50mm deep. It also has a twist-lock system to allow you to get in to the lamp, a much cleaner look than seeing the ugly screws like in similar light fittings on the market.

Well Light

Like the rest of the range the Hardy Island Inground Uplight is extremely well thought out. It comes with a plastic canister for mounting into concrete or you can just screw it direct into a recessed hole in your wall or deck (deck mount requires a stepped edge to the the mounting hole).

Well Light Glass Detail

A very nifty feature of the Inground fitting is the flush mount glass which stops the water pooling that occurs in many other brands.

I hope you can see why we are so excited about this very high quality garden lighting range, let us know if you need to see samples for your next garden lighting project. You can see all the hardy Island products we have available in NZ by following this link to our Online Store.

I encourage you to take a look at the below video of hinkley demonstrating the range, and feel free to see the entire range of Hardy Island fixtures on the Hinkley Website